Body Composition research project – info sheet to download

Laura Leslie writes to tell us about a research project that might interest club members:

What’s running done for your body?

Would you like to know more about your body composition? Would you like to measure changes in your body over time and training? Free measurement service available to volunteers – 7pm Monday 9th August at Rowheath Pavilion.

A researcher from Aston University is offering active adults (any age, ability, gender, size etc) the opportunity to discover more about what their body is made up of. It’s non-invasive and is a great way to plot your progress and changing body composition over time.

Measurements include Weight, Body Fat %, Body Water %, Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and Visceral Fat Rating (the dangerous hidden fat around your internal organs).

Just turn up to club on Monday 9th August at 7pm and find out what your body is made from!

Information sheet is here.

Participant Information sheet is here (PDF).

9 Replies to “Body Composition research project – info sheet to download”

  1. This is a great idea and I participated with relish. The results say I am fitter, we will have to see… 😉

  2. It was a quick,simple and painless procedure.I was relieved to hear that I was alive!Thankyou Laura for making the necessary arrangements.

  3. Many thanks to everybody who turned up to be measured last night. Apologies again for all the delays (technical-ish difficulties, you know!) and for measuring you all after exercise which is not ideal. Joel will keep you updated as to when he will come up to take readings again in a more official capacity. I do hope to see as many of you there again. Thanks 🙂

  4. I’m worried that it will reveal I am made up of about 80% pizza and 20% beer.

  5. Sorry if you thought I was going to comment on Body Composition Research Project, however good it sounds. I wasn’t sure how to change the comment subject!

  6. Just been chatting about a club rounders match with Mel and Steve.

    What about a BVH rounders match on Rowheath Park, August bank holiday sunday say meet at 1pm, bring a picnic, family and friends and take it from there?

    Anyone interested?

  7. I have had a go on this myself and it was really interesting. I’m going to be measured monthly so I can plot any changes in my body composition as my fitness increases. What I’m not going to do is compare my stats with Paula Radcliffes!

    If you have any questions beforehand, please email myself on l.j.leslie @ or Joel on subashj1 @ (take out the spaces for a true email address).