Annual Awards – “The Tealies”

The Annual BvH Awards Night, ‘The Tealies,’ is a chance to celebrate the Performance, Participation, Encouragement and Enjoyment we share throughout the year.

Below are the previous winners of each category:

BvH Club Members’ Award

2023Dave Powner
2022Barrie Roberts
2021Dave Powner
2020Suz West
2019Rhian Littlewood
2018Jude Glynn
2017Dave Powner
2016Linda Goulding
2015Steve Doswell
2014Suz West
2013Keith Elliot
2012Chris Harlan-Marks
2011Steve Atkinson
2010Steve James
2009Helen Foot (nee Owen)
2008Steve James
2007Paul Foot
2006Mark Lynock
2005Martin Foster
2004Sue Ward
2003Martin Foster

John Ward Trophy (Chairperson’s Award)

2023Sara Hewison
2022Jude Glynn
2021Claire Daniels
2020Nicola Mann
2019Linda Goulding
2018Stacey Marston
2017John Cheel
2016Dave Powner
2015Linda Goulding
2014John McKeon
2013Laura Leslie
2012Dean Parker
2011Rachel Partridge
2010Mick James
2009Steve Atkinson
2008Steve James
2007The Ward Family
2006Phil Dakin
2005Paul Foot
2004Jim Price
2003Marie State

BvH Club Achievement Award

2023Lorna Al-Ani
2022Dan Robinson
2021Jude Glynn
2020– Not awarded –
2019Paul Coughlan
2018Nicola Sykes
2017Nicola Sykes
2016Matt Cook
2015Nicola Sykes
2013Chris Collins
2012Orlando Corea
2011Rob Andrew
2010Rob Andrew
2009Rob Andrew
2008Stella Denniss
2007Margaret Kenchington
2006John Ward
2005Jim Price

BvH Athlete of the Year – Men

2023Dan Robinson
2022Richard Bayliss
2021James Ashley
2020– Not awarded –
2019Paul Coughlan
2018Henry Brocklehurst
2017Richard Bayliss
2016Chris Collins
2015Chris Collins
2014Paul Thompson
2013Dean Parker
2012Orlando Corea
2011Gary Blackman
2010Rob Andrew
2009Dean Parker
2008Dean Parker
2007Jon Grix
2006Jon Grix
2005Mike Ferguson
2004John Solly

BvH Athlete of the Year – Women

2023Charlotte Baker
2022Imogen Peck
2021Imogen Peck
2020– Not awarded –
2019Imogen Peck
2018Nicola Sykes
2017Laura Gale
2016Monica Baptista
2015Laura Gale
2014Nicola Sykes
2013Nicola Sykes
2012Caroline Harlan-Marks
2011Linda Howell
2010Mel James
2009Mel James
2008Mel James
2007Mel James
2006Phil Williamson
2005Amanda O’Leary

BvH Merit Award – Men

2023Joshua Bough
2022Paul Anderson
2021Xenofon Gogouvitis
2020– Not awarded –
2019James Ashley
2018Tom Bunn
2017Jon Mould
2016Simon Newman
2015Mat Pollard
2014Richard Rollins
2013John McKeon
2012Paul Thompson
2011Stuart Pearson
2010Sean Rose
2009Andy Wheeler
2008Barrie Roberts
2007Mike Berry
2006Dean Parker
2005Dave Harte
2004Paul Foot
2003Mark Lynock

BvH Merit Award – Women

2023Fay Lucas
2022Katie Alldrit-Rose
2021Nicola Mann
2020– Not awarded –
2019Rhian Littlewood
2018Alison Price
2017Rachel Hursey
2016Jude Glynn
2015Emily Holden
2014Lizzy Bryans
2013Laura Gale
2012Sarah Rock
2011Kathryn Holiday
2010Caroline Harlan-Marks
2009Caroline Harlan-Marks
2008Marianne Hensman
2007Marianne Hensman
2006Maggie Curtis
2005Lynne Gossage
2004Helen Owen
2003Angie Dakin (nee Phillips)

BvH Newcomer Award – Women

2023Charlotte Baker
2022Grace Ball
2021Eleanor Pitcher
2020– Not awarded –
2019Kate Green
2018Heather Tyrie
2017Miriam Stevens
2016Anna Ostojitsch
2015Liz Lepa
2014Katie Thomas
2013Emma Hopkins
2012Linda Goulding
2011Elspeth Robertson
2010Sara Roberts
2008Jane Croke

The John Enright Newcomer Award – Men

2023Kevin Kenward
2022Shangxi Wen
2021Michael Podmore
2020– Not awarded –
2019Dave Ellis
2018Stewart Crowton
2017Mark Freemantle
2016Richard Shearing
2015Pete Hickman
2014Taz Yousaf
2013John Enright
2012Mark Cooper
2011Paul Thompson
2010Andy Halliday
2009Gareth Cadd

BvH Coaching Award

2023– Not awarded –
2022-Not awarded –
2021– Not awarded –
2020– Not awarded –
2019Sean Rose
2018David Mountford
2017Nicola Sykes
2016Nicola Sykes
2015Nicola Sykes
2014Linda Goulding
2013Sue Ward
2012Steve Atkinson
2011Steve Atkinson
2010Mick James
2009Sean Rose
2008Rachel Partridge

BvH Team Member Award – Men

2023Jonathan Stanforth
2022David Bristoll
2021Tom Bunn
2020– Not awarded –
2019Tim Hodges
2018Kevin Morris
2017Henry Brocklehurst
2016Henry Brocklehurst
2015John Cheel
2014Andy Hall
2013Barrie Roberts
2007Jamie Johnston
2006Kevin Woodward

BvH Team Member Award – Women

2023Nicola Sykes
2022Jaeda Goodman
2021Imogen Peck
2020– Not awarded –
2019Alison Price
2018Lorna Al-Ani
2017Laura Gale
2016Monica Baptista
2015Rhian Littlewood
2013Lesley Pymm

Lynne Gossage Endeavour Award 

2023Nicola Sykes
2022Lorna Al-Ani
2021Lorna Al-Ani
2020Guy Marston
2019Lesley Pymm
2018Monica Baptista
2017Lisa Thompson
2016Mark Cooper
2015Katie Thomas
2014Lesley Pymm
2013Alec Croke

Beginner of the Year

2023Adam Bailey & Clare Pickersgill
2022Paula Pitcher
2021– Not awarded –
2020– Not awarded –
2019Rob Styles
2018Kerry Oliver
2017Suzanne Bunn
2016Charlotte Forcer
Tim Hodges
2015Clare McHugh
2014Jacqui Steven
Alan West

Race Report of the Year

2023Steve Doswell
(Literary Adventure of the Year)
2022Simon Newman
2021Xenofon Gogouvitis
2020Guy Marston
2019Guy Marston
2018Simon Newman
2017Simeon Whiting
2016David Mountford

Volunteer of the Year

2023Martin Foster
2022James Evans
2021Jo Whiting & Stacey Marston
2020– Not awarded –
2019Martin Foster
2018Emma Hopkins
2017Lynda Batchelor
2016Emma Hopkins

Cross Country Award – Women

2023Nicola Sykes
2022Georgina Robson

Cross Country Award – Men

2023Tom Bunn
2022Tom Bunn

Road Athlete Award – Women

2023Kathryn Holliday
2022Kathryn Holliday

Road Athlete Award – Men

2023Kyle Long
2022Richard Keep

Masters Athlete of the Year – Women

2023Sara Hewison

Masters Athlete of the Year – Men

2023Dan Robinson

Team of the Year

2023Men’s Cross Country Team
2022Women’s Cross Country Team
2021Women’s Cross Country Team
2020The Coaching Team
2019Women’s Cross Country Team
2018Men’s Cross Country Division 2 Champions
2017The Bare Neigh-Kid Ladies: Laura Gale, Monica Baptista and Nicola Sykes

Teal Targets Overall League Winners

2023241st – Shangxi Wen, 2nd – Chris Owen, 3rd – Sara Hewison
2022231st – Jaeda Goodman, 2nd – Rob Style, 3rd – Fiona Barker
2021-22– Not competed –
2020-21– Not competed –
2019-20Jaeda Goodman
2018-19Tom Bunn and Lorna Al-Ani
2017-18Guy Marston
2016-17Jude Glynn
2015-16Andy Hoole
2014-15Jude Glynn

Pyjama Pursuit Winner

2023Adam Bailey
2022Lesley Pymm

Other (Previous) Awards

BvH Tour of Bournville Champion – Men
2012Rich Bayliss
2011Andy Halliday
2010Gareth Cadd
2009Andy Crawford
2008Sean Rose
2007Dean Parker
BvH Tour of Bournville Champion – Ladies
2012Linda Howell
2011Caroline Harlan-Marks
2010Linda Howell
2009Linda Howell
2008Sally Gray
2007Linda Howell
BvH Grand Prix Champion – Men
2012Stuart Pearson
2011Gareth Cadd
2010Gareth Cadd
2009Dean Parker
2008Dean Parker
2007Martin Foster
2006Martin Foster
BvH Grand Prix Champion – Ladies
2012Linda Howell
2011Caroline Harlan-Marks
2010Linda Howell
2009Mel James
2008Linda Howell
2007Linda Howell
2006Linda Howell
BvH Cross Country Merit Award – Men
2007James Taylor
2006Geoff Meadows
2005Alec Croke
BvH Cross Country Merit Award – Ladies
2007Kat Abbott
2006Margaret Kenchington
2005Yvonne Wallis