Kymin Dash – 25 July 2010

Lesley Pymm reports from the Kymin Dash in Monmouth.

This is a 7.1 mile run which takes us around the centre of Monmouth on Carnival Day and then out of town and up a local viewpoint which is at 850 feet – then back down again. There was a later start than usual as there was a Rolls Royce rally as Royce came from Monmouth and this was a centenary of (I think) his birth.

The idea was that the run would start along the carnival route, followed by the Rolls Royces then followed by the carnival floats. It went a bit pear shaped when the cars came along a bit early, before we had started and then had to be stopped and we ran past them. They also caused a bit of congestion.

Anyway – once out of the mayhem of the town centre, we ran down to the river and then out of town and started the ascent via stony and steep path. At the top of this there was a short road section which was still uphill and then we went into the forest. At the top we crossed a field before going uphill again and eventually got to the Kymin – this is a folly now owned by the National Trust.

From there it is all downhill. I know they always say that, but in this case it is true. A very steep downhill on road and then we are back to the steep stony path we came up. Back into town and the run finishes in a park where we collapsed and waited for the mayor to present the prizes.

A good event which was spoiled a bit for me because of the later start. I have done this many times before and usually enjoy having a quick shower and they watching the procession – not being part of it. Some of the local runners went off too quickly – probably caused by the fact that we ran through town with so many spectators as they were waiting for the procession. Hopefully all will be back to normal next year!

I was pleased with my time – my watch time was 1.14.30 which was about 4 mins faster than last time I did it 2 years ago. Those hill reps and the killer mile have paid off!

Full results here.


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