Putting Yourself First

Putting Yourself First – Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe!
All of our official club sessions are led by qualified coaches or run leaders, however, the responsibility for your participation does lie with you! Before getting stuck in please ensure you read our guidelines below so you stay
safe, injury free and get the most out of your running.

1. Be weather aware – ensure you wear the appropriate clothing/ bright colours and footwear for the conditions and terrain, lots of thin layers are good and can be easily whipped off during a session and put back on after.

2. Fuelling – Ensure you are adequately fuelled and hydrated so you can maximise the gains of the session. Have a snack a few hours before and bring a drink when it’s warm.

3. Manage your illnesses/injuries appropriately – If you are suffering with or returning from an illness or injury do not throw yourself straight in; be patient, train smart and gradually build up to completing the whole session over several weeks.

4. If you have ANY concerns or queries regarding your participation please chat with one of our coaches prior to commencing the session, they will always make themselves known!

5. If you feel unwell during a session then stop immediately and inform one of the coaches. An emergency action plan can be promptly put into place in such a scenario but more often than not can be prevented with smart decisions.

6. If you have any medical problems or conditions which would be helpful to know about in advance of an emergency situation then please acknowledge that responsibility lies with you to inform a coach or another group member.