Bournville Harriers AGM 2024

The Bournville Harriers AGM will take place on Tuesday 19th March at 7.30pm in the Terrace Room (ground floor) of Rowheath Pavilion.

Club members can attend the meeting in person at Rowheath or virtually via Zoom. 

A link and details of how to join virtually will be made available in the week before the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important gathering of Club members at which you will hear about the progress of the Club and the achievements of the various teams during the last year.

All club members are expected to attend this meeting, which should last for one hour.

The committee encourages you to come along to the meeting in person and participate in any discussions.

Meeting Agenda 

1. Review of 2023 AGM Minutes 

2. Chairperson’s Report

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Membership Secretary’s Report

5. Coaching Update

6. Team Manager Reports (F/M): Cross Country and Road Relays

7. Update to Club Constitution *

8. Membership rates 2024/25

9. Committee Elections **

10. Any Other Business ****Update to Club Constitution

* Club Constitution

Some parts of the Club Constitution have been refreshed and updated to make sure we operate best practice and meet the Club Standards set by England Athletics. These revisions are subject to approval by members at the AGM.

**Committee Elections

Club members can stand for election to any committee role at the AGM. In a typical year, several existing role-holders may also stand for re-election. However, all candidates will be subject to vote by members if there is more than one nominee for a given role.

If you are interested in any committee role, then please contact the Club Chairperson Xenofon Gogouvitis. If you would like more information, please feel free to communicate with any member of the current committee. 

Role descriptions can be viewed here.

Committee roles:

Club Chairperson

Club Vice Chairperson

Club Secretary

Club Treasurer

Membership Secretary

Ordinary Member (2 roles)

Head Coach

Race Events Co-ordinator

Communications Officer

Team Manager Women’s Cross Country

Team Manager Men’s Cross Country

Team Manager Men’s Road Relays

Team Manager Women’s Road Relays

Newcomers Co-ordinator

Kit Secretary

Social Secretary

***Any Other Business

If you have any other business you feel is relevant to the AGM, then please submit this in writing, no later than Tuesday 12th March 2023, to the Club Secretary via

We look forward to seeing you, ideally in person or virtually, on 19th March at 7.30pm.