Member of the Month

Every month we honour a member of Bournville Harriers. You can nominate anyone who has had a positive impact on your experience at Bournville Harriers in the last month or so, whether by cheering you on at a race, keeping you company on a training run, keeping you sane through your latest injury, or by doing something else someone might deserve recognition for.

All we need is a name and a brief explanation of the reason you’ve nominated that person. We will sift through the nominations at committee meetings and may bring some of our own. The whole point of this is to recognise a wide array of members for doing all of the little things they do to make our club great!

The winner each month will win a limited edition Bournville Harriers Pin Badge and will get a short profile on the website. We have built up a winners’ gallery of sorts, which will serve the dual purpose of honouring our members and giving visitors to the BvH website a flavour of who belongs to our club and why. Please note that you will need to be a paid-up member to win!

Nominations can be made by email by emailing or by speaking to Dave on a club night.

2018 WINNERS: 

January 2018 – Pete Hickman

How long have you been a member of Bournville Harriers?
Just coming up to 3 years

If you see me in the Pavilion Bar, you can buy me a ….
Always keen to try any of the ales they have on (although it’s orange juice/squash for dry January currently!).

Favourite racing distance?
All distances really but am just working on 5k’s at the moment as I build back up post injury.

Favourite race/event?
That’s a tough question, but I do love doing ThunderRun 24hour relay race. Thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Proudest moment as a runner?
That would have to be my marathon time of 3hours 32mins a couple of years ago, Didn’t think I’d got anywhere near that sort of time in me.

If you were trying to entice someone into joining BvH, what would you tell them about the club?
I’d tell them what an all inclusive club we are and how we cater for all, be it slow, fast, younger or older.  My running has benefitted greatly, added to which I have met so many fantastic people and made many new friends.

February 2018 – Lorna Al-Ani
How long have you been a member of Bournville Harriers?
I joined in July 2017.

If you see me in the Pavilion Bar, you can buy me a ….
It has to be a glass of white wine, however all this running has made me a complete light-weight, so I would quickly be moving onto the diet cokes!

Favourite racing distance?
I love long distance running, so it has to be the marathon, although I am venturing into doing even longer this year, so we’ll see if that changes!

Favourite race/event?
I have enjoyed the majority of the races I have done, so it is really hard to choose. I love the Stroud Trail half marathon that takes place in May, as the views are beautiful and have gone back three years in a row to run it. However, I also love the great crowd support you get from a big city marathon, like Berlin.

Proudest moment as a runner?
It would probably be winning my age-category prize at Sneyd Pudding race this year. It is the first running prize I have won and it was great to represent Team Teal.

If you were trying to entice someone into joining BvH, what would you tell them about the club?
Do it! Bournville Harriers are so welcoming. It doesn’t matter what level of runner you are, there is training available to suit everyone. There are so many opportunities to get involved with the club, both running and socially, that it is an opportunity not only to improve your running, but also make great new friends!

March 2018 – Stewart Crowton

Stewart Crowton

How long have you been a member of BvH? Since September 2017  

If you see me in the Pavilion Bar, you can buy me a… Large Pepsi with ice  

Favourite racing distance? 5k because I like to improve it every time.

Favourite race/event? Worcester half marathon  

Proudest moment as a runner? Completing my first half marathon and getting the time that I did (1 hr 46 min 53 seconds) as I only wanted to do it in 2 hours so getting that time was the best feeling ever.  

If you were trying to entice someone into joining BvH, what would you tell them about the club? Very friendly people, make you feel very welcome. All different paces so you’ll never be alone.

April 2018 – Stacey Marston

How long have you been a member of BvH? I joined in 2013 but I had been running off and on for about 5 years before that.

If you see me in the Pavilion Bar, you can buy me a… I’m partial to a non-alcoholic beer if I’m driving (if the bar has Erdinger in then that’s my favourite), but I’m known for having a beer, wine or G&T in all photos where I’m not running (and even some when I am).

Favourite racing distance? Ideally I like to be in shape to run, if not race, a half-marathon if the opportunity arises, but over the last couple of years I have struggled with a few illnesses and injuries (not to mention being a bit busy) and so at the moment that seems like a very long way – perhaps it feels like my favourite at the moment because I haven’t been able to do so many recently!

Favourite race/event? Last time I was asked this question I said parkrun and I really hate to miss one, but in the interests of giving a different answer I will say that the Great Run Birmingham events like the 10k and half marathon are amazing to run in a BvH vest – you feel like a celebrity (and who doesn’t want to be cheered?!) Thunder Run is another event that is very special, mainly because of the Teal family and festival vibe.

Proudest moment as a runner? Finishing the London Marathon last year and getting a new PB after a very difficult build up. It was an incredible feeling (although the sub-4 hours I really want is still to come). PBs have been few and far between in the last year or two so this one felt really special.

If you were trying to entice someone into joining BvH, what would you tell them about the club? Where do I begin?! Joining BvH was life-changing for me, I have made so many wonderful friends and feel like I am part of a fantastic community. I am so proud of the club; I love hearing about the amazing performances of some of our runners, the improvements that new runners make when they join and the camaraderie and support that is so clear to see at club training sessions, races and everywhere that we go. Whatever kind of day I have had, a run with friends on a Monday or Thursday night is guaranteed to improve my mood. My annual subscription is the best value for money I get all year.

May 2018 – Nicola Morris

Nicola Morris MotM May 18

How long have you been a member of BvH? Not sure exactly, but about 10 years I think?……How did that happen?!

If you see me in the Pavilion Bar, you can buy me a… It would have to be a pale ale.

Favourite racing distance? This has probably been marathon distance up to now……..I have always loved the training; the races leading up to the marathon; the apprehension and excitement of marathon day…….and the sigh of relief at the end when it is done!

Favourite race/event? There are loads of favourites but I would say the Birmingham Marathon last year was really special…..home city, really incredible support all the way round and it was really great to have a fellow Bournville Harrier to run the last 6 miles with!

Proudest moment as a runner? I think every moment has been a proud moment but completing Race to the Stones in 2017 in particular was a really great personal achievement…..still can’t quite believe I did it…..or that someone managed to talk me in to it!

I was really proud of being a member of team Fruit & Nutters in the Thunder Run last year.  Despite the really awful weather conditions our team spirit was amazing!

I am also proud that I keep managing to get up that hill in Sutton Park for the Road Relays!….and that as part of these races I also get to see all my fellow Bournville Harriers racing their way up to the finish line.

If you were trying to entice someone into joining BvH, what would you tell them about the club? Join and don’t wait a minute longer!……I have achieved things with my running that I would never have dreamt I would or could have and I have met some of the best of friends.