Performance LeaderboardAs well as the Club Records we’ve introduced a new Performance Leaderboard, capturing the top performances of the current season. Our fastest runners can compare their current performance across some standard distances and aim for the top! The Leaderboard will be updated on a regular basis with information taken directly from Power of Ten.

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2022 Leaderboard

2022 – Men
Event Rank Perf   Name Cat Venue Date
400m 1 01:49.2 Barrie Roberts V75 Redditch 27-Apr-22
1500m 1 04:19.27 Richard Bayliss V40 Birmingham (U) 08-Jun-22
3000m 1 09:26.6 PB Sam Bentham Birmingham (U) 11-May-22
2 09:27.3 Richard Bayliss V40 Birmingham (U) 11-May-22
3 16:25.04 Barrie Roberts V75 Sheffield 23-Jan-22
5000m 1 16:35.95 Richard Bayliss V40 Birmingham (U) 19-Mar-22
2 16:37.18 PB James Ashley Birmingham (U) 19-Mar-22
3 16:47.43 PB Richard Keep V35 Birmingham (U) 08-Jun-22
5K 1 16:35 PB Richard Keep V35 Crawley 08-May-22
2 19:37 PB Paul Anderson V35 Llandudno 16-Apr-22
3 21:16 Dave Powner V45 Aberavon 01-Jun-22
10K 1 34:19 PB Sam Bentham Birmingham 01-May-22
2 34:42 PB Dan Robinson V50 Birmingham 01-May-22
3 37:09 Richard Keep V35 London Hyde Park 01-Jan-22
HM 1 77:24 PB Dan Robinson V50 Chester 15-May-22
2 78:06 James Ashley Kites Hardwick 21-May-22
3 87:47 PB Peter Williams V35 Birmingham 01-May-22
Mar 1 03:17:54 PB Paul Anderson V35 Manchester 03-Apr-22
2 03:20:25 PB Tim Ogbourn V35 Manchester 03-Apr-22
3 03:34:21 PB Tom Robinson V40 Manchester 03-Apr-22
retrieved from Power of 10; 18-June-2022
2022 – Women
Event Rank Perf   Name Cat Venue Date
10K 1 39:24 Imogen Peck Alcester 29-May-22
2 41:30 PB Kathryn Holliday V35 Birmingham 01-May-22
3 46:15 PB Fiona Barker V40 Birmingham 01-May-22
HM 1 84:58 PB Eleanor Pitcher Birmingham 01-May-22
2 86:57 Imogen Peck Birmingham 01-May-22
3 01:40:52 Rhian Littlewood Cardiff 27-Mar-22
Mar 1 03:29:25 PB Rhian Littlewood Edinburgh 29-May-22
2 05:34:54 Grainne Bermingham V40 Manchester 03-Apr-22
retrieved from Power of 10; 18-June-2022