Pre-Run Briefing

The following briefing should be read by all club members / participants on club social runs, whom, are expected to take personal responsibility for their own safety when running, please encourage other club members / runners to take running safety and well-being seriously, if you see or are aware of any issue or actions you consider unsafe or any potential hazards please do feedback to the committee.


Routes are shared in advance, learn the route for each week.

Link with other runners of a similar ability.

Be aware of fellow runners, ensure where possible no one is left to run alone unless by choice.

Members are requested to notify the club of any issue they see that may affect the suitability of a route, temporarily or permanently.

Check the club website and FB for any updates on weather conditions that may affect the route.

Route Surfaces and Potential Hazards

Take care when running on uneven surfaces be aware of kerbs and any other potential hazards.

Warn other runners of impending hazards.

Wear appropriate footwear.

Consider carrying ICE contact details and a mobile phone.

Traffic Conflict and Road Crossing

Take care when crossing roads.

Do not assume the traffic will give way or that the runner in front has ensured the road is clear.

Do not run in roads unless necessary, use pavements and designated crossings were available.

Run with consideration of other road users who may not see you.

Weather Conditions and Clothing

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Wear Hi Vis or reflective clothing when running on darker evenings.

Check the club website and FB for any updates on weather conditions.

Health Conditions

Seek medical advice before if you have a pre-existing medical condition or injury that you think may place you at increased risk.


Please don’t wear headphones for any club activities (bone conducting headphones are ok).

Interaction with the public

Be considerate at all times.

Have consideration for other road users who may not see you.