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This form allows members of BvH to submit their own race results for inclusion in the club Records & Rankings pages and in the Monday night announcements.
The Records and Rankings will still be updated manually, so there will be a bit of a lag between when you submit the form and when your performance appears on the site, but we hope that this new system will help ensure that we don’t miss people’s performances out as the club’s membership continues to grow.

Only track/road races are recorded in our Records & Rankings, but we want to celebrate everyone’s achievements during announcements. You can email results for XC, multi-terrain, or any unusual races to and they will be announced at club.



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  1. Hi Stacey. Yes, Run Britain has all my London 10k races by chip times too. I was in the A pen and the elites went before us, and they only got gun times, whereas they seem to take my official time from the chip. Our records have been listing chip times since I can remember, so I think we need to stay consistent anyway 🙂 Cheers both. Paul

  2. Power of 10 shows both, and the chip time is definitely the one for us to go with. As an example, 12’000 people did the London 10k this year and most people’s gun times are minutes slower than the chip time (unless you’re elite), as people are set off in waves. UKA do gun times for elite runners, as they go first, but they won’t care about moderately paced runners who would never PB at mass participation races if we used the gun time. Cheers, Paul

  3. Thanks Paul and Lesley, I’ve submitted chip time… I guess it doesn’t matter too much for me – I’m unlikely to break any club records! The time that is showing on my runbritain (and I assume therefore Power of 10) is the chip time…
    Might need to clear up for others though

  4. Sorry to chuck a spanner in the works – but my understanding is that UKA uses gun time. I have never understood all this messing about with chips.

  5. Hi Stacey. Yes, that’s correct. Your chip time is always the right one to submit, so go with that. The latest results submissions will update in the actual records today, so it should be in the rankings by tonight. Cheers 🙂

  6. Hi, sorry to ask what might be a silly question, but if you have a gun time and a chip time which should you use? I presume it’s the chip time as that’s the one that is showing on runbritain rankings, but I wanted to check.

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