Coaching and Training – Sept-Dec

This is the time of year when runners should get back to basics and aim to increase their endurance base by gradually increasing their weekly mileage. For newer runners, this may mean running more often as well as further. Monday evenings are an ideal opportunity to run longer distances in a group with with routes (A & B) of 4,5, 6, 8 and 10 miles. Training information for more experienced runners can be found in Joe Lewis’s Autumn Training Guide for aspirational club runners

Pre-run announcements on Mondays and Thursdays will be at about 7.20pm so that we can aim to begin running promptly at 7.30pm.


Monday runs from September 2011

From Monday 26th September, we will return to regularly running the Route A and Route B with routes of 4,5, 6, 8 and 10 miles.

Route A – Selly Oak, Northfield, Longbridge (PDF)
Route B – Pebble Mill, Selly Oak, Northfield (PDF)

THURSDAY EVENINGS (Please see Thursday training for further details)

A ‘Rep’ session will be available for those not training on Saturday mornings or racing at the weekend

These will often be split into 2 groups

  • for beginners/ steady runners
  • faster and more experienced runners

The focus of Thursday evenings during the Autumn will be to increase mileage and base endurnace. There will be longer warm ups, longer reps and sessions based on hills and fartlek running.

There will also be an alternative steady run.

SATURDAY MORNING (please see Saturday training for further details)

Joe Lewis will continue Saturday morning reps at Cofton through the Autumn . This is an off-road ‘rep’ session/cross country training starting at 8.00am at Cofton Park.

  • Open to all club members
  • Excellent way to build strength, stamina and endurance
  • Vital for anyone wanting to prepare for cross country or off road events

For those who have never trained at Cofton, this is an ideal time to try.  We are also running 2 introductory sessions on Saturday 19th and 26th November – though newcomers are welcome at anytime.

High visibility bibs are available to purchase from Rachel Partridge.

If you have any questions for the coaching team please email

Mick James, Coaching Co-ordinator