Autumn Training Guide for aspirational club runners

September is traditionally the start of the athletic year, a time for getting back to basics and building strength and endurance for the coming year.

This fits in very well with a cross country season as the base endurance work, allied to some specific cross country sessions can work extremely well.

The main aim should be to build a big aerobic base, this takes time and is best achieved by a combination of regular daily runs with one weekly long run included.

An initial aim could be to run for one hour each day with a longer run of 1.5 to 2 hours by Christmas. This training should largely comprise comfortable steady state runs initially so that limited tiredness is carried over into the next days run.

The hour a day could be split into two ½ hour runs on some days and if it is possible to run to and from work on some days that would make best use of available time.

Interval and other speed sessions will work against an individual’s ability to build up consistent mileage as this intensive work will deplete muscle glycogen and cause high levels of micro trauma in the working muscles.

So I would advise limiting these harder sessions to weekly cross country training and races, the sessions done in daylight and on suitable cross country surfaces and terrain. The Saturday Cofton Park sessions are ideal, they should be extensive rather than intensive and should include long warm ups and cool downs.

Once this basic aerobic base is achieved then a gradual increase in intensity after Christmas can be attempted and this will nicely coincide with the more important cross country races.

Best of Luck.

Joe Lewis

One Reply to “Autumn Training Guide for aspirational club runners”

  1. Sound advice from Joe Lewis;as always. Like many of my fellow BvHers,I am currently endeavouring to meet the challenge of `transition.` ie.moving from the short and flat races/runs of late Spring and Summer to the longer and hillier races/runs of the Autumn and Winter which includes XC.During this transition time I`m hoping to avoid the temptation of entering too many races,although I have entered some,which could undermine my potential performances `down the line.`I don`t think that I will run every day,due to my great age!! —– But I will try to do something most days.Do talk to Joe ,the Coaching Team and some of your fellow runners/athletes so that you get the most out of your running experiences with Bournville Harriers. Seriously consider 8:00 AM – Training at – Cofton Park on a Saturday Morning.
    Gyda nerth ymlaen/Forward with strength.
    Barrie Roberts