Season’s Greetings

A merry Xmas and a very happy New Year from the Bournville Harriers committee to all members.

Please see the attached link for our very important message here.

We are very interested to know your thoughts on how we are doing as a Club and as a committee, so please send an email with your comments

Please take care when running in the snow and ice.

We wish you every success with your running in 2011 and look forward to seeing you soon… 🙂

6 Replies to “Season’s Greetings”

  1. Did I say depressing, what I meant to say was delightful. So I’m glad we’ve cleared that up before any one could say ‘Killjoy woz ere’. And anyway ears are notoriously difficult to cut around.

    Sorry to hear about your nightmares Chris, I agree the puns are getting out off hand, perhaps we need some sort door security to stop it getting though, along the lines of say, ‘Is that a pun in your pocket’ etc etc, and some form of pun-ishment for transgressors.

    Though your nightmares might down to too much Chris-mas pud.

  2. Several days later, I have had no elf-related nightmares. I have, however, been having a recurring dream in which I am chased by a crowd of people wearing teal, all shouting unimaginatively bad puns at the top of their voices…

  3. It’s like waking up in a pound shop on boxing day…. in 1973.

    Loved the pre photoshop style cutting and pasting, (very Life on Mars) what did you use, rubber garden shears and bluetack?

    Elfing depressing (but in good way)…MX etc etc

  4. Seasons greeting to everyone – I hope you all enter into 2011 in the very best of ‘elf, and good luck for anyone about to embark on their marathon training programmes or indeed, any other races coming up.

  5. It`s a shame Chris H-M feels that he may be prone to nightmares during this very special time of the year.Christmas is,after all, a celebration of the Birth of Jesus, a time of PEACE and goodwill, and about family,community and sharing.If the elves are causing undue anxiety,can I suggest that they are shELVED for the time being.

    I am presiding and preaching at the Midnight Communion Service commencing at 11.30pm at St Giles Church,Rowley Regis(7 miles from Rowheath/up the hill from Blackheath) today/Christmas Eve.I will make sure that `we` keep a close watch on any elves who slip past security ie.if they havn`t already been shELVED! Barrie Roberts