Cannon Hill Park Run – 18th Dec 2010

The overnight snow was not enough to deter the intrepid trio from BvH who turned out to participate in the parkrun this week.

It was a select group of 26 who ran. After the health and safety talk and request not to race but to run this carefully as there were icy patches under the snow, we were off.

Still using the winter course, it was lovely to run in the snow. It started to fall more heavily as the run continued and it was beautiful. Most runners took 2-3 minutes more than usual – not Barrie though who was only 1min 23sec down on his PB which was really good given the conditions.

Marianne was running it for the first time, so we told her at the beginning that she did not need to worry about time – just get round and have a time to beat next time. She was first woman in a really decent time, so expect great things from her when the weather improves.

Thanks again to the volunteers who stood around on a below freezing course to ensure that we did not go wrong and that we were as safe as possible.

Marianne Hensman – 21:59
Barrie Roberts – 24:41
Lesley Pymm – 31:04

Full results.

One Reply to “Cannon Hill Park Run – 18th Dec 2010”

  1. Yes,`it was lovely to run in the snow`,and from a personal perspective it was a relief to complete the 5K Course without getting lost!How can one get lost on a 5K Course I hear you asking? Well I managed to get lost at Derby on the previous Wednesday Evening (Ron Hill Derby Mid Week 5k Series) — if there is a shortage of marshalls/volunteers such things can happen;so thankyou to the 10 marshalls/volunteers who turned up at the Cannon Hill Park Run.A well organized event.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.Thankyou Lesley for producing a Race Report.