EMPG Banbury 5 – 11 June 2013

Barrie Roberts reports: Last Tuesday Evening, 11th June 2013, Martin Foster (the `original` 118 – Dave Bedford would also make such a claim!) and myself headed for Banbury.I drove and Martin navigated as he knew where we were going (which helps!).

I have competed in the EMGP Banbury 5  some years ago,but I can`t even begin  to match Martin`s regular attendance at this prestigious event. For the Record,Martin has run in the Banbury 5 every year for the past 30 years;this was his 31st consecutive race. This was acknowledged by the Race Organisers,who gave him free admission on the night. For the Club Records our times on the EMGP Banbury 5 – External Results were as follows:-

Pos              Gun                 Name                                              Age Cat
244             39:17               Barrie Roberts                                 M70 (1st)
265             40:29               Martin Foster                                  M55           ( A commendable effort for someone `coming back` from injury).

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