Sphinx 5 – 12 June 2013

Lesley Pymm reports:  Off to the War Memorial Park in Coventry for the Sphinx 5 on a dismal evening.  Whatever happened to ‘flaming June’?  I did a good warm up which was very much needed and then joined the other runners at the start.  This was the point where the drizzle turned to rain!

We were off, and it chucked it down on us.  This is not a difficult course, it undulates a bit but nothing too bad.  There were two laps which took us around the park and then out onto the road for a short run on pavement, before coming back into the park.  We then went uphill slightly as we passed the car park and then a flat run to a turning where it was right and a good downhill then a couple of left turns brought us back to the start again – and it was all repeated. 

The only difference was that the puddles were deeper in the second half!  I was running near a young man from Northbrook.  We kept passing eachother and then being passed again.  At the end he went for it and beat me.  The blow was softened when I was handed an envelope as I passed the line with a spot prize in it.  It was a £5 note.  The race had only cost me £6 to enter. 

I then had a good £1s worth of cakes at the finish in the rain.  I did wait a while for the presentations, but was getting cold so gave up in the end.  I headed back to the car just as the rain stopped.  Oh well – a good race.  I was pleased with my time and my new shoes were good in the rain.      This is part of the Warwickshire Road Race League.


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  1. If I hadn`t run in the Banbury 5M (EMGP) on the previous day,and if I didn`t have to compete in the WMAA Track Championships on the following Saturday,I would have enjoyed running in the Sphinx 5 on the 5th June,2013. I quite like running at the War Memorial Park,Coventry as it is gently undulating.ie.pb potential.
    Congratulations Lesley on a sound run.