Your New BvH Committee Announced

The new committee for Bournville Harriers was selected and voted in at the Annual General Meeting, held at the Rowheath Pavilion on Monday 26th March 2012.

The new committee is:
Chairperson – Chris Harlan-Marks
Vice Chair – TBC
Treasurer – Andy Wheeler
Secretary – Lesley Byrne
Membership – Linda Howell
Coaching Co-ordinator – TBC
Events – Mark Lynock
Communications – Dave Harte
XC Captain’s – Nicola Cumley, Rob Andrew
Relay Captain’s – Becky Hampson, Gareth Cadd
Newcomers – Steve Atkinson
BvH Kit – Lesley Proctor
Social – Sharon Weldon
Ordinary Members – Rachel Ward, Barrie Roberts

Other roles:
BvH GP Points – Lesley Byrne
Pavilion Liaison – Mike Scotney
Records & Rankings – TBC

3 Replies to “Your New BvH Committee Announced”

  1. My vote was on Taco Bell and besides, it’s Mr Harlan-Marks 🙂

  2. I have this message from visa-lite, pasta sauce loving crooner,
    Al Terrego…..” Chris Harlen-Marks… Chairguy???…..GEDOUDAHERE!!!”