Seattle – USA Magnuson Park Half marathon – 16 April 2011

Marianne Hensman reports: Half marathon preparations this time probably weren’t ideal. Travelling across timezones, discovering a liking for peanut butter chocolate brownies, and my worst nightmare – arriving at the race 20 minutes after it had started because of a misunderstanding about start time!!

Luckily the organisers in Magnuson Park Seattle were very relaxed about the whole thing. “Oh just start on an exact minute and we’ll subtract however late you were. Lots of people arrived late today!” Paul my husband, and our friend and Seattle host Gabriel lined up for the 10k, which was going on at the same time.

The course was four laps of a very pretty park on the borders of Lake Washington, a little bit twisty turny, but very nice. The half marathon was taking place with a 5k, 10k and a 15k, and everyone was taking part from families to parents with buggies, and dogs, so a few people to dodge around.

Our friend Gabriel plays ultimate frisbee and is very good over short distances. I just about managed to keep up with him for the first 5k. He and Paul then ran together for the second 5, although Paul was out-sprinted at the end!

Support was good all the way round with lots of shouts of ‘nice job’ from marshals and spectators. Luckily it was a cool cloudy day – ideal for running. I finished in 1.32:44 – second overall in the half and first lady (although only 26 people ran the half!) The morning was completed by the planting of blue pine trees in the park. And I really enjoyed my chocolate malted milkshake afterwards.

3 Replies to “Seattle – USA Magnuson Park Half marathon – 16 April 2011”

  1. That’s an amazing time Marianne, especially considering the fraught start and lots of people to dodge round! Well done!!

  2. Wow, well done Marianne! How did you not completely panic with arriving late? What a great time and fantastic position, congratulations indeed. (Next time, don’t tell us how many people it was out of!!)

  3. Congratulations Marianne on successfully completing the Seattle – USA Magnuson Park Half Marathon,and taking into account your preparation,late arrival and the `twisty turny` nature of the Course you ran a respectable time..Sounded like a very pleasant location to be running. Bournville Harriers are,these days,running `all over the world.`You will have to return to see how your pine tree is growing!
    Barrie Roberts