BvH Cross Country Meeting – Oct 24th

There will be a Club meeting to discuss the forthcoming winter cross country season held on the evening  of Monday 24th October, at 9pm

All BvH members who are looking to race or try their hand at cross country are invited to stay for 45 mins, after training, on Oct 24th to discuss this season’s fixture list, key events and to also allow for Q&A’s for those unfamiliar with cross country.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

3 Replies to “BvH Cross Country Meeting – Oct 24th”

  1. I would urge my fellow BvHers;especially those who are new to the Club to attend this meeting. Cross Country is enjoyable and builds up your strength and stamina, and is also great preparation for next years running programme.If an old man like me can do it,you can too!! Gyda nerth ymlaen/Forward with strength.
    Barrie Roberts

  2. Wonder if it is by luck or design that I’m in the photo (running for my old club)?!