Suz West reports on the New Year DirtRun

New Year’s Day most sensible people may chill out for the morning, but not a group of BvH. Myself, Laura Gale, Linda Howell, Simon Newman, Oliver Kirkland, Lesley Bryne, Mark Doudican, Jude Glynn and John Lynoch thought it would be a great idea to do a 6mile multi terrain Dirtrun.

The weather was horrendous wind, showers and it was cold. We found ourselves waiting to start in a marquee which seemed to be blowing a bit! After a short delay we were summoned to the start and we were off. First was a run around the lake which I’m sure was quite scenic if the rain wasnt pelting you. As promised we were running in Dirt well muddy mud! The run took us through a lane and into some woods. To my surprise this included climbing up a steep hill whilst pulling yourself up with a rope. This was fun although it wasn’t really running, not on my part any way. A narrow windy path followed, down and up sections. Going up I had got the hang of going down was proving slightly harder for me. Over cautious I slowed down on the down hills. The course then took us through a field and out into a nice little village, before back off road. Mile 3 and a nice steep incline, by this point my New Years Eve partying was catching up with me. As a ran up this hill I came to the conclusion my legs must be aching from dancing the night away, not from running up a hill!!I carried on in my slightly hung-over state, through more fields. Around mile four we ended up on road. I managed  to gain a bit of speed here, but we were soon back in the woods. More mud and down hill sliding, Mark Doudican was just ahead and gave me a useful demonstration at this point. Mark slightly ahead of me gave me some encouragement(thanks Mark) as we ran back around the lake to the finish. I finished in 59 mins.

The facilities were pretty good, clean showers and toilets. Although you had to go back outside to get coffee.

A few BvH won prizes and our little group were certainly the cheeriest for a hung-over, wet prize giving.

Overall it was fun and Dirtrun was a perfect hangover cure!!

4 Replies to “Suz West reports on the New Year DirtRun”

  1. Thankyou Suz for your interesting and `incarnational` New Year Dirt Run Report. I don`t know John Lynoch,but hopes that he has a happy and successful New Year!
    Mark Lynock has been `a legend in his own time` and,if my memory is correct, holds the BvHers 35 Mile Club Record. I would want to wish Mark and his fellow ultra-runners a very good 2014.

  2. Nice medal and Tshirt made £8 early entry a bargain 🙂 and I have to love a race that offers three FV50 prizes, coming second in that category earned me a nice pair of running gloves, a flask and a bottle of beer-result! Great way to start the year with a great group of runners 🙂

  3. Sorry Mark,what can I say I was still hungover writing the report.Dont know where I got John from oops