Steel Fell race – 6 August 2014

Dave Harte writes: Whilst on holiday in the Lake District I took the chance to scratch the itch of wanting to run a fell race.

fell race - dave harte
Dave pictured with Steel Fell behind him
Steel Fell race is a relatively short (advertised as 5k but actually under 4k) race to the top of the 500m Steel Fell near Grasmere.

As it required no previous experience at fell running or the need for carrying additional kit, I thought I would give it a go. The race is graded as AS. ‘A’ means that it is steep, ‘S’ means that it is short.

Weather conditions were perfect as 69 of us started on our way from a farmhouse for the circa 400m climb (the start already being 100m above sea level).

The first thing I learnt about fell running is that when it’s steep then everyone walks up. Some take bigger strides than others, but everyone is walking.

Once the steepest part is over there was a flattish kilometre to the peak over undulating ground. It was a straight turnaround at the cairn and then back to the bottom.

The second thing I learnt about fell running is that those you pass on the way up will come sliding past you on their bottom on the way down. In fact many others will also pass you on the way down as you try hard not to fall over.

Overall I found the run exhilarating and finished in 30:49 and 45th place. Gaining confidence in coming downhill will do well me for future runs I think.

As an aside, whilst running down a couple of RAF jets came thundering past below the level I was at as if to make the event seem even more epic to me.

A great evening and a great introduction to fell running.

Winning time was 22:05 and a new Ladies record of 25:19 was set.

Short youtube clip of other runners passing me by sliding down the hill:

3 Replies to “Steel Fell race – 6 August 2014”

  1. Congratulations Dave on successfully completing the Steel Fell Race. Not everyone has their first fell race marked by a fly-past! Good training for the XC Season. I enjoyed the youtube clip —- clearly participants need nerves of steel!

  2. Well done, Dave. Really pleased that you enjoyed it. Fell running is great and there is usually a good pub afterwards. May see you at the Wrekin Wrecker on 23 November – that is a bit longer and you will need to carry all the safety gear.