MCAA Road Relays – 31 March 2012 – Mens report

Gareth Cadd reports: Saturday 31st March saw the running of the Midland Counties Men’s 12 Stage Road Relays. The weather had cooled down from what we had been enjoying in the week to create almost perfect race conditions.

Paul Thompson lead out the “A” team and ran an amazing 1st long leg in a time of 29.17 that put us in 20th position. Paul handed over the race over to Rich Bayliss who gained two places in an equally awesome time for the short leg in a time of 16.21. Stuart Pearson stepped up at the last minute and ran the 3rd leg due to a misunderstanding about start times and ran 17.42 fending of any challenges for position.

Orlando Corea powered around the 2nd long leg picking of four other competitors to move us to 14th overall in a time of 29.40. Heath Mason showed that he is a fighter by holding our overall position in a time of 17.04 however; I think he should leave those leggings at home next time. Sam Chatwin ran a solid time of 17.39 despite him being unsure of being able to compete. Sam handed over to “Our Chris” (Chris Collins) who ran a good time 32.04 for the 3rd long leg (7th leg overall).

Bradlee Todd took the 8th leg and held our position in a time 18.20. Chris Tarren then ran the 9th leg in a good time of 18.01. I (Gareth Cadd) was running the 10th leg that was the last long leg. For the first time ever, I was prompted onto the start line by not by seeing teal in the distance but two day-glow orange trainers stomping up the final hill, I gained two positions on the loop and big hill at the start and ran a time of 29.43. The ever-reliable Danny Wilson ran a good time of 18.17. And finally Barry Garner set of in mass start for the last leg and hung onto the other competitors and ran 19.07.

The “A” team finished 16th overall on the day that qualifies us for the Nationals

The “B” team was lead out by our new chairman (Chris Harlan-Marks) and giving that he had never ran a long leg ran a solid time of 35.08. Matt Slater ran a good time of 18.47 considering he thought his achilles was not going to hold up. Jack Roberts took the 3rd leg and ran a time of 22.06 gaining one position in the race. Paul Dugmore stepped up and ran the 4th leg in a time of 37.16.

Mark Doudican ran the 5th leg and showed that he is continually improving and ran a time of 21.44. Terry Doherty ran the 6th leg in a time of 20.37. Mark Lynock bravely ran the 7th leg in 44.50. The 8th leg was ran by Barrie Roberts who I believe was hoping to run a time less than 22 minutes and he did this by running 21.58 and finally Andrew Saker ran a time of 20.50.

The “B” team was running in 42nd position until they ran out of runners.

Due to injuries, work commitments and holidays we had a depleted team and I was concerned that we was not going to qualify for Nationals and the order of the day was to “dig deep” which we all did which is reflected the following new club records.

Short Leg SM – Rich Bayliss (16.21)
Long Leg SM – Gareth Cadd (29.43)
Short Leg M65 – Barrie Roberts (21.58)
Long Leg Overall Club Record – Paul Thompson (29.17)

A big personal thank you from me to all the athletes for competing, Joe Lewis, Rob/Kerry Andrew, Mel James, Brian Pearson and everyone else who showed much need support for the runners. And finally Chris HM, Paul Dugmore and Mark Lynock for running long legs on an incomplete team.

Bring on the Nationals on 14th April

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  1. Pleased to learn that despite problems re: availability,injuries,`misunderstandings` about start times etc. BvH Men have comfortably qualified for the Nationals on 14th April,2012. I enjoyed being part of the `supporting cast!`
    Thankyou Gareth for all your hard work.
    Barrie Roberts