International Masters XC, Glasgow – 26th Nov 2011

Paul Thompson ran for England in the Masters International at Glasgow in the M35 category in as he described ‘the wettest, muddiest, and windiest cross country race of his life.’

Despite the conditions Paul ran well and won a bronze medal with the England team. Congratulations to Paul on this fine achievement.

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Barrie Roberts was also at the event selected as a reserve for the M65 Welsh team. Barrie was not called upon to race – just as well considering the conditions – but again congratulations to him for being part of the Welsh squad.

5 Replies to “International Masters XC, Glasgow – 26th Nov 2011”

  1. Well done Paul.

    Sounds like everything I hate … wind, rain and especially XC!!!

    I’m edging back to fitness after some 2 months out and look forward to taking on an International Athlete when/if I can get back to full fitness.

  2. I did not realise this was on otherrwise would have gone to support. Congratulations on your achievement.

  3. Fantastic, how great to be chosen to represent your country. Congratulations.

  4. Katie and I got very cold and soaked through — and that was just watching/supporting! The conditions were the worste that I have known for such an event, and I am full of admiration for Paul Thompson`s stirling efforts for England.He should be proud of such a fine achievement. Three members from BvH were named in the Official Programme.There is no reason why this number can`t increase still further next year.
    Barrie Roberts