Broadland Half Marathon – 3rd April 2011

Cat Ricketts reports: I decided to run the Broadland Half Marathon as my last major run before the London Marathon.

It turned out to be a rather warm day despite the predicitions of ‘drizzle’ and as I stood on the start line I was quite surprised to realise I was standing right next to a guy from BRAT, surprising because I was in Norfolk! I expect he was just as surprised to be standing next to a BvHer!

The race set off and i quickly settled into a nice steady pace although I could immediately feel the last few weeks of hard training in my legs. I had originally wanted to beat my Norwich Half Marathon time but decided to err on the side of caution and try and have a ‘comfortable’ run!

The race was described as ‘undulating’ and even though I was in allegedly flat Norfolk, it certainly was undulating!! And also very warm! There were relatively few flat sections throughout the course but the scenery was lovely, taking in one of the Broads and lots of lovely countryside. I felt quite comfortable up to about mile 10 when the heat (which we’re not quite used to yet!) and the course started to take its a toll a bit.

I ran the last mile or so with a guy from Ely Runners who had been just in front of me for most of the race and managed to sprint home to get a time of 1:41:45. It wasn’t a PB but I was pleased in the end and turned out to be 6th lady home and (even more surprisingly) won the trophy for 1st lady in my age category.

The race was really well organised by Norwich Road Runners and the marshalls were in abundance and gave fantastic support, i really enjoyed it as my last race before London and we even got a nice t-shirt for our troubles!!

Full results (PDF).

One Reply to “Broadland Half Marathon – 3rd April 2011”

  1. Well done Cat. A good `solid` run,and you finished in the first third of the field, which should stand you in good stead for the London Marathon.
    Barrie Roberts