Legends of Sherwood Forest Night Run – 2nd April 2011

Steve and Nicola Cumley report from the Legends of Sherwood Forest Night Run:

Persuaded by friends to try something a “bit different,” we travelled up to Nottingham for a 10k (ish) run at Sherwood Forest on Sat 2nd April. The race was labelled as an “Adventure Race,” with obstacles dotted around the course to climb over or crawl under, and thick forest sections to navigate through. To make it really fun the race is held at night time so ifor most of the race it was pitch black. Head torches were compulsory! (our ‘friends’ that suggested the race to us, had by this point decided that it all sounded a bit too different, and ducked/wimped out!)

Deciding to run our own races we lined up at the start with some degree of nervousness about what lay ahead. Steve got away well and quickly joined the lead group.  Nicola made the mistake of lining up too far back and had to put up with the frustration of waiting for Telly Tubbies and a variety of Monks and Maid Marions to navigate the early single file obstacles. At the first section of open running Nicola managed to break through, only to join a group that made the easy mistake of veering off course in a dense forest section. Seeing some head torches in the distance the group rejoined the race only to be puzzled to find out that they were a mile further back and behind the Telly Tubbies again.

Steve was faring better, and with a group of two in close pursuit he led for most of the race. He entered the final arena to take on the last two obstacles with a handy 20 second lead. Sadly an elephant would have made a better job of getting up the 10 foot high greasy (Vaseline) metal slope, and so having done all of the hard work he was frustrated to see the more experienced pair clamber over the obstacle and take the lead.

Overall it was a challenging and definitely “different,” format. We are both covered in cuts and bruises as proof of our conquests, however I think we have seen enough to be hooked and will be back again next year to avenge our disappointments.

Bournville Results

Steve Cumley 3rd 57:08

Nicola Cumley 107th 1:25:18

Full Results:




2 Replies to “Legends of Sherwood Forest Night Run – 2nd April 2011”

  1. Dear Nicola and Steve, I was fascinated and intrigued to learn about a night run in the forest;Sherwood Forest at that. It was almost certainly a very `arrowing experience and clearly something a “bit different.”
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.Did you see Robin?