Men’s Road Relay Teams

The Men’s Teams for the Road Relays this Saturday (19th October) are as follows:

Senior A team–  
1st leg–Rich Bayliss
2nd leg–Stuart Pearson
3rd leg–Olly Kirkland
4th leg–Chris Collins
5th leg–Paul Thompson
6th leg–Dean Parker
Senior B team–
1–Matt Pollard
2–Andy Hoole
3–Andy Wheeler
4–Dan Wilson
5–Jack Roberts
6–Ian Faddy
Masters A team–
1–Paul Gorman
2–Matt Slater
3–Sean Rose
4–Andy Hall
5–Rich Rollins
6–John McKeon
Masters B team–
1–Anthony Stewart
2–Dave Harte
3–Peter Hickman
4–Dan Harvey
5–John Cheel
6–Tony Hall

All races start at 1:40, so try to be at the BvH tent by 1 o’clock at the latest to collect numbers and warm up.

See you all on Saturday!

One Reply to “Men’s Road Relay Teams”

  1. All the very best to all the BvH participants (Seniors and Masters) in the Men`s Road Relays this coming weekend.