25 Replies to “Grand Prix 2011 standings – women”

  1. Points have been updated for the final time (unless anyone catches any mathematical errors that need rectifying). Last chance to claim marshal bonus points via the link below as well.

  2. Points are all up to date now (including Centurion and XC). 1 more race to go, and there are some very close scores in the top 5!

  3. Scores updated again to include performances from Sneyd yesterday. Marshal bonus points have also been added in for the 3 men and 2 ladies who have claimed the bonus.

    If you haven’t claimed your marshal bonus, please add your name to this list: http://bit.ly/u1Gb6k

    Please note that these additional points are added to the “Overall Score” column, which remains empty in the spreadsheet until you have completed 8 races. (Marshalling a race actually counts as completing one of your minimum 8 races, so feel free to add your name to the list if you’ve marshalled, even if you haven’t completed 8 races yet).

  4. Marshal Bonus spreadsheet now fixed so that anyone can edit it, so no need to set up an account.

  5. Table updated to include times and points from the 2nd XC race.

    I do not have a list of marshals/helpers from the Killer Mile or the Leafy 10k. For people who have completed at least 8 races and who helped out at a club race, please add your name to the document (link below) to claim your marshal bonus points if you are owed any.


    Marshal Bonus spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/u1Gb6k

    P.S. You need a GoogleDocs account to edit this document. If you don’t have one and would rather not set one up, just talk to me at club and I’ll add your points. (I’m kind of forgetful, so you may need to mention it more than once).

  6. Table updated to include points from the Leamington XC race (12/11). I’ve finally added in the bonus points for people who have run in 3 team events or 1 club-organised event. Marshal points will hopefully show up at some point soon. (Note: these points only show up once you’ve done at least 8 races, and are added into the last column).

  7. Table just updated to correct an error. Please look at the full table and check my maths if you actually care about your score! I am not so good at this stuff!!! 🙂

  8. Table updated to include people’s points from the Birmingham Half. I have probably made mistakes, so please check the full table link and let me know. There are now 5 ladies who have completed the minimum 8 races to qualify for the GP series.

  9. Points updated following the Birmingham University 5k yesterday.

  10. Scores updated to include points from the Bournville Leafy 10k on Sunday. I have not added in the marshal bonuses yet, so there will be another update shortly when I’ve seen the list of who did what.

  11. Table updated to include points earned at the MCAA Ladies 4 Stage Road Relays over the weekend. 2 ladies have now completed at least 8 GP races, which is the minimum to qualify for a prize in the 2011 GP series. (There is a “best 8” column on the full spreadsheet, if anyone’s interested).

  12. Points updated to reflect results from the Wolverhampton Half Marathon yesterday. As usual, please have a look at the full table (link above) and get in touch if you think I’ve made a mistake.

  13. Updated on 14/8 to include all races up to and including the August BRAT 5k.

  14. Table updated on 18/7 to reflect GP points scored in all races up to and including the 2nd Rowheath 5k. Please let me know if you think I’ve messed yours up. (Just to clarify, as a couple of people have asked, the 4 point “quicker than last year” bonus was applied for the July 2011 Rowheath 5k if you ran quicker than you did in the July 2010 Rowheath 5k, not if you ran quicker than you did in June 2011 race. If that makes sense…)

  15. These are partially updated, but I have to leave to go race. (Just in case anyone looks and is confused…)

  16. It has been 24 hours since Frampton, why are the grand prix results not updated yet? Tut tut, you must try harder Chris!

  17. Points updated on 07/07/2011 to include all GP races up through BBCHM. If your points are not visible above, please click on the link to view the full spreadsheet. As usual, please get in touch if I’ve missed one of your results out or made a mistake. 🙂

  18. Chris, you’re doing an amazing job, as the poster says, “Carry on, eat more pie” 🙂 (see Ric’s photo feed for confirmation ;))

  19. Updated 23/6 to reflect Blakedown Bolt results. As usual, please get in touch if I’ve messed your points up. (Very possible) 🙂

  20. Great work Chris… it’s always fun(!) trying to stay on top of all the permutations…

  21. Updated on 26 May 2011 to fix another minor error (some people may have gained 1 point as a result).

  22. Updated points on 14 May 2011 to fix an error. If we’ve missed anything out or you look at the full spreadsheet and notice that one of your times is wrong, please get in touch and we’ll fix it.