Grand Prix 2011 – races and stats update

After launching this years Grand Prix in March, the first four events have been completed and the series looks to be as exciting as ever.

Many people have already scored personal bests and ran the equivalent races quicker than the last series, and this is reflected in some excellent scoring. Congratulations to the current leaders, Terry Doherty and Nicola Cumley, both in great form.

You can browse our Grand Prix 2011 content using the menu bar at the top of this page. There’s more information including full tables (men and women), reports and the race list.

There’s a further breakdown of points and age grading WAVA scores for the series events so far by accessing the full spreadsheets (for men and for women).

If you have any questions, including those on the points awarded, please contact us

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  1. Man with an ill fitting bandage on his head: Doctor Doctor, do you take GP points?

    “Doctor” Doctor: Oh I don’t deal with that side of things, you’ll have to speak to the practice manager. And by the way, I’m a consultant so it’s Mr Doctor to you.