This weeks rep session by Frederico Gonzalez

Good afternoon all, Hope you’re all well!
This interval session aims to work on pushing you to adapt to different distances/speed with limited recovery time. It’s a tough one and you’ll feel uncomfortable at times but it’s great for building your stamina.
2 x 200m (30 second recovery after each 200m)
1 x 400m (60 second recovery after 400m)
1 x 500m (70 second recovery after 500m)
1 x 400m,
2 x 500m,
2 x 600m (80 second recovery after 600m)
2 x 500m,
1 x 400m
2 x 200
Warm up:
1.5 mile jog, incorporating dynamic stretches inc high knees, heel flicks, side steps, leg swings, lunges, hamstring lean downs.
Then start your intervals using the 1st 200m interval as a warm up interval and the slowest one overall
Your aim is to ensure that you are very slightly increasing your speed on each interval so that each one is slightly faster or the same as the previous, and not the other way round.
As you go through your intervals you will start to struggle to recover as quick and your HR will increase to a higher max HR and quicker too within the rep, this is what you want to achieve. Each one is harder, and you have to dig deeper at increasing speed and with an increased feeling of being very uncomfortable sooner within the rep
Warm down
1 mile cool down jog with longer static stretches at the end/at home.