Yacht Handicap Start List

Hello Yachters! Start times are now available for those of you running in person on Sunday – please see the list below. There is also now a link for those of you running virtually to submit your results – https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScGiTKoMAf…/viewform… But remember we want proof! So please also post a snap of your watch and share it on social media too 🙂 We can’t wait to see (some) of you back running in the flesh on Sunday!

Barrie Roberts
Andy Wheeler
Wrick Ghosh
Alison Price

Rachel Horsburgh
Charlie Hurd
Richard Cutts
Rhian Littlewood

Ian Mackenzie
Rob Styles
Stacey Marston
Stewart Crowton

Steph Allen
John Cheel
Jude Glynn
Clare Mullin

Pete Hickman
Tim Hodges
Richard Shearing
Jo Green
Fran Garcia

In the interests of Covid safety, please arrive at the start line ready to run at your start time, and follow any instructions given by our Covid Safety Officer Claire Daniels. Imogen Peck and Dave Powner will be there to start you off / finish you off.

The anticlockwise route starts opposite the entrance to Rowheath Carpark, turning left onto Selly Oak Road, left into Bournville Lane, then left off Bournville Lane at the bollards, into the pathway that runs through Woodlands Park. Exit the park turning left onto Woodlands Park Road, and left again at the roundabout on Heath Road, to bring you back to the start. On the second lap, you do the same again, but turn into Rowheath Park for the final 200m down the path. The route will be signposted, and Lorna Al Ani will be a travelling marshal.

It is traditionally run in fancy dress, which as always is optional, and we appreciate the vibe may be not quite the same under this year’s restrictions, so massive kudos to all who dare!

Good luck!