Wolverhampton 5 mile xc race‏ – by Suz West

This race was quite small compared to the league races. It was held at Aldersley Leisure Village providing great facilities to shower all the mud off after and get a hot drink. It was quite a low key event compared to the league races. As the ladies got there first we had no tent and Kings Heath let us gate crash which was very nice off them. They even offered us wine at the end!

The race was 2 half laps for ladies and 3 half for the men. The first lap took us around a field then onto the second lap where mud , hills , water features as Jude Glynn would describe it and tree roots proved this a technical and challenging course. Linda Howell was out in front with the rest of us following. The good thing about this race was its twists and turns let you see your team mates at different stages. I was very happy to see Stacey smiling as it was her cross country debuts and she put in a great performance. Emily Holden also had a strong run and helped me around the course knowing she was chasing me kept me going on the tough terrain. Monica had a brilliant race and was our fourth runner in. In this race the first four in from your team counted this was Linda Howell , Suz West , Emily Holden and Monica Batista.

Followed by Jude Glynn also putting in a strong run and Lesley Pymm who out run several youngsters.

The Ladies team finished 6th overall.

We then watched supported the men who all looked like they were having strong runs.

(I think there is some photos on facebook)


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  1. Thankyou for your Wolverhampton 5 Mile (8K) XC Report Suz. Good solid performances from both the Men and the Women BvHers.