Police & Services League Event 7 – Wednesday 11 February 2015

Lesley Pymm reports:  The latest  race in the Sevices League was really good fun.  It incorporated the Police Regional Championships which meant there was a buffet afterwards at the presentation.  It started at Milford Common on Cannock Chase – somewhere I know very well as I do the Milford Murder there most years.  In fact it usually uses virtually the same course as the ‘Murder’, but we were told that this course had to be changed owing to Forestry Commission working further into the Chase.  There had been so many changes to the course ovefr the previous 24 hours that they were not really sure what distance it was – something around 5.7 miles….

I loved it.  We started off as usual and headed off along the track rising steadily uphill but before we reached the highest point we turned off and went over newly worked Forestry land.  It was brilliant.  This was all new for a while and then suddenly I was passing the stepping stones and knew where I was again.

Once more round again and then a bit of a climb back to the start/finish area – but they cut out the big climb.  I quite like the climbs, so was not that bothered about that.

I had passed two other runners – but they both dropped out!  I came in last but someone has to!  I did a reasonable time on the course, which turned out to be 5.8 miles, and enoyed it.  The food was good afterwards.

I just hope that the Milford Murder in a few weeks gets changed as well!