Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile – 5th February 2017

Clare Mullin Reports: We all have a range of times we sign up to races, as soon as we finished it for next year, as soon as entries open, hopefully entering a ballot. Sometimes decision made on the day for a local sign up on the day race. We decided that the afternoon before on the way to a beer festival was the correct time to let Nicola talk us all into entering this race. Despite a very good Saturday we did all manage to be in the car on Sunday morning heading towards North Solihull and grateful for their civilised 11am start time.

A local race, £6 for entries on the day. My pen did hover over the 2K fun race entry box but I did in the end opt for 5 miles with everyone else. This is part of their Grand Prix 6 dates over the winter, with March and April races still to go. It was a good turnout of mostly other club runners, despite the brisk cold of an early Feb morning.

The course was all in the local park with three varying laps around the lake and up briefly to the road and back with a few sharp turns and a little undulation. Nothing to cause too much trouble and nice long stretches on each lap to get your pace up. A mixture of tarmacked paths and tracks. The course cleverly preventing too much lapping. My first race returning from injury I was towards the back but only a few first finishers overtook me at the very end of my second (their final lap).

We were all delighted with our times Rich and I both getting a much better time than we had expected. Sharon got a PB and Nicola raced Mary to a great time for her too.

Pleased that a decision that had looked foolish at 8am on Sunday was vindicated and we all had such an enjoyable race. Thanks to Centurion RC for their organisation and the rest of the local running community making this so enjoyable. I’d recommend these races to anyone. Thanks for talking us into it Nicola!


36:29 Richard Shearing

38:48 Nicola Morris

42:44 Sharon Newman PB

46:26 Clare Mullin

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  1. Thankyou Clare for your Report on the `Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile Race.` Congratulations to all the BvHers who successfully completed the 5 mile distance —- And in `respectable` times.