BvH Killer Mile – 23rd June 2011

Great wins for Dean Parker and Caroline Harlan-Marks in our internal Club event – Results and photos


Postion First Name Surname Gender Time
1 Dean Parker M 05:31
2 Gareth Cadd M 05:51
3 Steve Cumley M 06:22
4 Daniel Bird M 06:23
5 Stuart Pearson M 06:31
6 Jack Roberts M 06:39
7 Bradley Todd? M 06:40
8 Chris Harlan-Marks M 06:43
9 Nathan Jones M 06:48
10 Mike Scotney M 06:51
1F Caroline Harlan-Marks F 06:52
11 Andy Hoole M 06:58
12 Ewan Ross M 07:14
13 Bob Hockenhull M 07:20
14 Simon Newman M 07:23
15 James Gittens M 07:26
16 Mark Allen M 07:29
17 Phil Dakin M 07:30
18 Paul Gorman M 07:32
2F Julie Delahaye-Slater F 07:34
3F Fiona Heath-Brown F 07:46
4F Emily Holden F 07:59
5F Tamara Kennedy F 08:05
19 Terry Doherty M 08:08
6F Angie Dakin F 08:59
7F Angela Vince F 09:16
8F Lesley Proctor F 09:37
9F Claire McGuire F 09:44
10F Lesley Pymm F 09:55
20 Jim Price M 10:29
11F Joanne Ribchester F 10:51
12F Katie Roberts F 12:38


Photos –

2 Replies to “BvH Killer Mile – 23rd June 2011”

  1. I was very impressed in the time, and the manner, in which participants got up that steep hill.As a marshall,on this occasion,I had an excellent view of the proceedings.The 32 BvHers who successfully completed the challenge of the `Killer` Mile were a credit to themselves and to their Club. I feel sure that they would want to thank Mark L,Sharon W,Sue W,Steve J for their support/contributions to another splendid Bournville Harriers Happening. The post-`Race` sustenance at the Peacock was well earned.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.Most motorists/road users seemed to behave reasonably on the night. However,there was one who seemed to be irritated by the fact that there was a road race/run taking place and her driving appeared to lack appropriate caution. It is a great annual event,and long may it continue,but safety of participants will always have to have a high priority.