British and Irish Cross Country International – 18th November

Barrie Roberts Reports: My wife Katie and I were privileged to be able to attend and participate in this year`s British and Irish Cross Country International. I first competed in this prestigious event 9 years ago, and some years I find myself competing in the International proper, and other years I have competed in the Open Race.

On the Saturday Morning (the day of the race) I was asked by the Welsh Team Manager if I would compete in the M50s Age Cat Race. I was more than happy to do so as I was expecting to run in the Open Race
ie. the last race of the day, and substantially comprising of the reserves who hadn`t got into their country`s team. Not for the first time I was running against athletes younger than myself, and not only
that, I would have to run 4X2k laps ie.8k, rather than 3X2k laps ie.6k, which I had trained for.

Following the Team Photos,the day`s XC Timetable swung into action:

11:30  6k International Race: All Females,M65,M70,M75.

12:25  8k International Race : M50,M55,M60.

13:15  8k International Race : M35,M40,M45.

14:00  Open Race

All the races were exciting and competitive. I ran in the 12:25  Race,and was able to watch the first and third races. Results and photos on the usual websites.

The Course was very wet and in places extremely muddy. When I told the Race Director that I should have brought my wellingtons, he said, with a glint in his eye (I think it was a glint!),that “it was the
same for everybody!”