Women’s Road Relays Teams

Jude Glynn, Women’s Road Relay Manager, announces the provisional teams for the forthcoming event on the 19th September:

A fantastic five teams have been entered, and can be seen below:

Team One

Nicola Sykes
Laura Gale
Linda Howell
Laura Leslie

Team Two

Monica Baptista
Julie Delahaye Slater
Emily Holden
Lisa Cartwright

Team Three

Suz West
Rhian Littlewood
Claire Butler
Jude Glynn

Team Four

Stacey Marston
Sam Pretlove
Rachel Partridge
Ellie Ahmed

Team Five

Emma Hopkins
Lesley Proctor
Grainne Bermingham
Lesley Pymm

All races start at 1:15 in Sutton Park on Saturday 19th September. Train times and details to follow! Thank you all for signing up – ladies you’re going to be awesome!

2 Replies to “Women’s Road Relays Teams”

  1. Team teal will be taking the 11:27 from Kings Norton and ,as is customary, be in the last carriage.
    National Road Relays follow hot on the heels of the Midlands and are on 3rd October at 12 in Sutton Park. Please check your diaries and sign up if you are willing and able to take part!