BvH Records and Rankings – New System!

BvH volunteers have come up with a new system to keep our records/rankings up-to-date, but we need your help for it to be successful!

There are so many races and so many BvH members that it became very difficult for us to keep track of, and to recognise when someone has a PB, or run their fastest time during the year. In the past, records were kept up-to-date manually, which was a huge and unsustainable task (race organisers/websites don’t tell us results automatically).

As a trial, we have switched to a system whereby we rely on you telling us when you have a PB or a new fastest time for the year. This then feeds into a spreadsheet that automatically ranks times for the year and recognises when a PB has been achieved.

We have a lot of catching up to do regarding updating the records and rankings (including adding submissions from the last couple of months), but this is where the members themselves come in. It’s going to be your job to submit your race results. So, let’s have a go…. Please submit race results using this form.

Entries from this form will then be used on a weekly basis to update the new spreadsheet which can be viewed here:


We will work on track records/rankings next and please do bear with us during this transition phase.

Contact info for any feedback or to report any issues with our new system, as this is a trial period to see how things go and we welcome any feedback/suggestions.

A big thanks to Rich Rollins for all his efforts in creating this system for us!!



– You need Microsoft Excel (or compatible package) to view the records and rankings.

– If you do not have Excel, there is a free alternative called OpenOffice Calc that many people use instead.

– You may need to click the ‘enable editing’ tab at the top of Excel. This will allow the system to work.

– Next to each data field (e.g. race, gender) is a small arrow where you can change the results and categories you want to view. When you have selected the correct categories click ‘show results’.

– If you only want to see the best times for the year, then change ‘type’ drop-down menu to ‘Pb’, and it will only show the best times. For example, if you want to see the all-time 5k times for women at BvH, you choose the following and click ‘show results’: