Teal Targets Update

The provisional standings in the 2016-17 Teal Targets Club Championships at the half way stage are as follows:
1. Jude Glynn
2. Andy Wheeler
3. Mat Pollard
4. John McKeon
5. Monica Baptista
6. Linda Howell
7. Stacey Marston
8. Andy Hall
9. Michael Greenhouse
10. Nicola Mann
With the following races still to be run, the competition is still very much an open one!
10th August: Rowheath 5k August – http://www.bratclub.co.uk/events/brat-5k-road (THIS WEDNESDAY, ENTER ON THE NIGHT)

4th September: Kenilworth Half Marathon – http://www.kenilworthrunners.co.uk

16th October: Birmingham Half Marathon – http://www.greatrun.org/great-birmingham-run

6th November: NICE 10k Cannon Hill Park – http://www.conductive-education.org.uk/fundraising/events

11th December: Sneyd Pudding Run – http://www.sneydstriders.org.uk/pudrun/Information.html

January TBC: Tempo Events Winter Series – http://www.tempoevents.co.uk/running/winter-series/winter-series.php

25th February: Cross Country Nationals February – http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/the-national-cross-country-championships

The Teal Targets rules and scoring system can be found here: