Teal targets 2017/18


Isn’t it great to feel part of such a fantastic club? And don’t we all feel proud to wear our lovely teal vests and turn up to race with fellow BvHers? That was the feeling that lead to the creation of BvH ‘Teal Targets’.

Photo courtesy of Graham Beale

Why teal targets?

  • Get to travel, warm up and race as a team which is fun and inspiring
  • Meet more people in the club
  • Good club turnout is a good advert for BvH
  • More chance of winning team prizes
  • Try races you wouldn’t have done otherwise
  • Supporting other local clubs who put on races
  • Opportunities for pub lunches or cafes after races!

We know we can’t possibly capture everybodys favourite races but we have tried to put together a selection of races to target which will provide something for everyone – the chance for pbs (personal bests) as well as pbs (pub beverages), road, multi-terrain, local races, a chance to try something new etc. etc.

The 2017/18 Teal Targets are below:

25th February – English National Cross Country Championships – http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/category/news/

25th March: Midlands Road Relays – http://www.midlandathletics.org.uk/page17.html

30th April: Birmingham 10k – http://www.greatrun.org/great-birmingham-10k

3rd May Dudley Kingswinford 10k – http://www.dkrunningclub.co.uk/our-races/dk-10k/

25th June: Wythall & Hollywood 10K / 5K – http://www.wythall-hollywood-funrun.org.uk

9th July : Wyre Forest Trail Half Marathon – http://amazingfeet.co.uk/afrc-races/forest-trail-half

27th August: Badgers Atherstone 10k – http://www.badgersatherstone10k.co.uk

17th September: Waseley Wobbler – http://waseleywobbler.com/waseleywobbler.htm

15th October: Birmingham Marathon/Half Marathon – http://www.greatrun.org/great-birmingham-run

18th November: Midlands Counties 5/7 Mile Championships – http://www.midlandathletics.org.uk/75milexc.html

10th December: Sneyd Pudding Run – http://www.sneydstriders.org.uk/pudrun/Information.html

15th January: Not the Roman IX – http://www.runbritain.com/race/coventry-runner-not-the-roman-ix

4th February: Stourbridge Stagger – http://www.srclub.co.uk/index.php/stourbridge-stagger-stumble

17th March: Midlands Road Relays – http://www.midlandathletics.org.uk/page17.html

The Teal Targets also count towards the Club Championship, which all BvH members are eligible to compete in:

The winners of the 2016/17 Teal Targets were:

Coventry Half Marathon: Jim Clarke
Ashby 20: Andy Hall
London Marathon: Andy Wheeler
John Enright parkrun: Andy Hall
Wythall & Hollywood 5/10k: Michael Greenhouse
Wyre Forest Trail Half: Simon Newman
Rowheath 5k: Richard Bayliss
Kenilworth Half: Nicola Mann
Great Birmingham Run: Jude Glynn
Conductive Education 10k: Steve Doswell
Sneyd Pudding Run: Nicola Morris
Not the Roman IX: TBC

And in the overall points league:
3rd place: Nicola Mann
2nd place: Andy Wheeler
Winner: Jude Glynn


  • Each runners Top 6 events will count
  • All runners received 2 points for racing in an Teal Target Event.
  • The highest placed BvH runner (using runbritain rankings) gets 10 extra points, the second 9 points and so on.


 In order to be eligible for the BvH Club Championship:

  • All entrants must have been a member of BvH for the preceding twelve months.
  • All entrants must have a valid runbritain handicap score.
  • All entrants must have their parkrun barcode linked to their runbritain handicap.
  • All entrants must have completed 5 official runbritain races in the 12 months preceding the Teal Target event they have entered.

Photo courtesy of Pete Hickman

9 Replies to “Teal targets 2017/18”

  1. A couple of suggestions for 2015;
    January – Not the Roman IX – Stratford
    March – Fradley 10k – on the way to Burton
    April – Stratford Half – if you don’t get into London!
    Think Teal Targets is a great idea, already entered the B’ham Half and will be at Sneyd too.

  2. Yes, I’ll second it for the Wythall & Hollywood 10/5 km !.. x

  3. Talking about sea of Teal, we had 19 at the Arrow valley midweek mudfest, more than any other club!!

  4. You are nowhere near middle aged yet, Barrie. My goodness, if you start getting to middle aged, I’ll have to start thinking about it myself.

  5. Encouraging `a sea of teal` at local races has been tried before and has had a reasonable measure of success in the past. I heartily welcome the re-launch of this idea for all the reasons already stated. Furthermore,I would add another reason for turning up at these target events.It is an opportunity to watch and support ones fellow BvHers.ie.one doesn`t necessarily have to be actually running/racing,in every race,in order to to participate`We` all need rest days;some of us more than others.Well,I am approaching `middle age!`


    Performance,Participation,Encouragement and Enjoyment.

  6. Thank you for you reply. I understand, just wanted to ask. :))

  7. Hi Rachel, there are too many good races around and Wythall was on the short list, but to target races effectively we have had to really strip the list down to 1 per month. We know we will never get everyone’s favourites in there but hopefully there will be something for everyone on the list! 🙂

  8. Fantastic idea :)) could the Wythall 10k and 5k be added to list ??