XC League Race 2 – Northampton – Results and report

Men’s results here.

Women’s results here.

Women’s report:

The second League Race was held at Northampton Abington Park. On arrival the park looked quite pleasant really but seemed to be lacking mud well that was just my opinion.The ladies course was 5k which was  two laps of a very fast undulating course. The course provided ample twist turns hills up and downs. There were strong performances once again with Nicola Sykes finishing second overall.The scorers were Nicola Sykes , Marianne Hensman and Sarah Rock.

We finished in 18th Position in this race and now are positioned 10 in the overall table.

In the Masters results the scorers were Marianne Hensman , Sarah Rock and Suz West. We finished 7th position in this race , which leaves our masters team in 7th position overall.

Once again we had a strong team presence from both men and ladies. There were some very good runs and strong performances through out the ladies team. The men ran 10k and we stopped to support there was lots of impressive running from the guys.

Also thanks to Sharon Newman for marshalling this race for BvH. Plus BvH supporters who also travelled to support and help out.


2 Replies to “XC League Race 2 – Northampton – Results and report”

  1. I fully concur with your comments Oliver. `We` can press on with cautious optimism.

  2. There were a number of great performances in both the men’s and women’s races. As always, congratulations to Nicola for a fantastic scrap against a woman who competed in the Commonwealth Games in the summer. Well done also to Dean, who made up about 50 places on his Leamington performance and must be close to full fitness. The men’s team now have a genuine chance of avoiding relegation if we can maintain this kind of effort and perhaps even get a couple of crocks back for the last two races. Thanks to the women for their support and particular thanks to Sharon for marshalling with such fortitude in testing conditions.