BvH Beginners’ Course 5km Time Trial – 16th June 2011

The heavy rain failed to dampen spirits at the BvH Beginners’ Course 5km time trial

The 2011 BvH Beginners’ Course came to a close, after a 6 week program of coaching and training, successfully managed by BvH Newcomers Co-ordinator, Steve Atkinson.

This year saw a record 79 beginners register for the course held by Bournville Harriers Running Club at Rowheath Pavillion.

Congratulations to all the beginners who took part in the course and for those who completed the 5km time trial and a BIG thank you to the many BvH members who helped to make the beginners course a big success.


All images here.

15 Replies to “BvH Beginners’ Course 5km Time Trial – 16th June 2011”

  1. I like to say well done to all the beginners , I have had brilliant time helping you through the coming weeks and was really amazed seeing you all complete your 5K

  2. It was great! A huge thank you to Steve and all the BVH members who helped with the course. Your enthusiasm, friendliness and encouragement-even in driving rain and hail made this course great.

  3. I just want to say thanks to Steve and all the BVH members who trained and helped us over the last 6 weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, including 5km race despite the bad weather. Well done to everybody and I look forward to joining the club and continuing running with you guys. Katie

  4. Thanks so much to all the BvH team for taking the time to move us on from scratch and for so many marshals coming out to encourage us and keep us going through the end race. Really kind! We were so pleased to have progressed through the course and to have completed the 5k! Really brilliant.

  5. As one of the wet and bedraggled marshals out on the course, I just wanted to thank the runners on Thursday for their thanks and encouragement as they went around. It was a privilege to be supporting such a great group of new runners and I look forward to running with you all when you join the club.

  6. Well done everybody on another successful Beginners course i hope the beginners will run for BVH for many years to come. Get the Beer In Steve A.

  7. I agree well done everybody I hope lots of the beginners will continue to run with Bournville harriers for many years to come. Well done Steve Atkinson.

  8. I’d just like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the BvH members who turned up to help marshal the beginners’ 5km run on Thursday and ended up getting thoroughly drenched and bitterly cold. What a fantastic team you are!

    Well done to all of the participants who, despite also getting drenched, were still enthusiastic and cheerful to the end. The results will be on the web site once I, and the paperwork, have dried out.


  9. A big big thank you to Steve and all the other volunteers for your time, energy and encouragement. Worth pointing out it was probably better to be running (or in my case running and walking) in the rain and hail than standing still as one of the many marshalls who came out to help us.

    It was a great course and lots for BvH to be proud of.

  10. Thanks very much Steve for organising the course – I’m looking forward to joining the club. If there is anything you’d rather not do more than run in a torrential downpour then probably it must be marshalling, so special thanks to everyone who got soaked to the skin (when I imagine that they’d much rather have been with us) – and they still managed to be so encouraging as we jogged past.


  11. Thank you for organising it all. It nearly killed me, but I loved it. See you Monday 🙂

  12. Many congratulations to all the beginners who took part in the course and well done for running in all that awful conditions last night. Pictures are amazing and you all should be proud of your achievements. Well done Steve A. and BVH members who helped out, you are a credit to the club.

  13. it’s really telling going through the photos just how thw weather turned. From sunny at the start, to smiles and bemusement at the first sign of rain, then sheer grim determination as it got really wet and cold.Some great pictures of horizontal rain on a midsummer June evening!! Fantastically well done to all our new runners. What an evening for a first race. Congratulations to you all. Sincerely hope to see you staying on at Bournville Harriers.

  14. The 5km Time Trial was clearly a great success .Congratulations are due to Steve Atkins,BvH New Comers Co-ordinator,and his team of talented and committed helpers. Also,hearty congratulations to all those new comers who successfully completed the `Time Trial` in what turned out to be challenging weather conditions. Hopefully,some of those who took part in the Course will want to join BvH and go on to `greater things.`The involvement of BvH members over the 6 week program was most well as promoting running,and encouraging healthy lifestyles, `we` are clearly putting something back into the local community.
    Barrie Roberts

  15. Thank you Steve Atkinson for another great BvH Beginners Course and thank you so much to all members who have helped to make this a fabulous event for those who have taken part and for BvH…

    We look forward to seeing lots of beginners continue their running with Bournville Harriers