Reminder of John Enright Parkrun 6 May 2023

Just a reminder about the John Enright parkrun that will be taking place on Saturday 6 May 2023.

First up, we appreciate that it is the day before the Birmingham Half and 10K, which many of you have entered. The good news is that this event is more about attendance than super-fast times. You can come and enjoy an easy jog and still make a difference to the overall results (although the faster you run, the more points you do earn! 😅)

Here is a bit of background for those who are unaware of the history behind the John Enright parkrun:

This is a very special event for our club. John Enright was a top guy who fully embraced club membership and was also a good friend to many of us. Sadly, he died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart condition in May 2014. This parkrun is held in his memory.

The parkun is also our annual friendly competition with our neighbours, Kings Heath Running Club. Scores are collected for every runner. Your parkrun barcode MUST be linked to Bournville Harriers, ensuring it is your primary group for it to count.

There’s also the opportunity to bake a cake or volunteer.

You can find more information about how the event works on our webpage here: