John Enright memorial parkrun – May 6th

This year John’s parkrun will be on May 6th. The John Enright parkrun is an annual friendly competition between ourselves and neighbours Kings Heath RC at Cannon Hill parkrun in memory of John Enright.

We need as many runners as possible! Your result will count towards the Teal Target score, provided you are a Bournville Harriers member.

To count, your parkrun barcode MUST be linked to Bournville Harriers, ensuring it is your primary group. This is the only way for your result to count; no exceptions! Link to instructions to do this. The whole thing is then worked out the same as the cross-country league races.

As usual, two people will collate the scores, one from each club. Please do not publish any calculations on the day; please wait for us to ratify and agree the official results.

If your result linked to the club is not in the results file (either because you didn’t scan your barcode or because you didn’t register your barcode to BvH), it will not count.

Along with running, there is also the opportunity to show off your baking skills, with both clubs joining together to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

John's parkrun by the Bandstand (Geoff Hughes)