Member of the Month Updates

member of the month composite

What has Martin Foster’s proudest achievement as a runner been so far?

What was the best bit of the Malvern Joggers 10k in Antony Stewart’s opinion? (Surely not the bit with the running…)

…And just who is Jude Glynn, really?

Answers to these and all of your other burning questions can be found in our recently updated Member of the Month Gallery right here. (If you enjoy this update, please direct all of your gratitude to Ed Hartley and his imaginary friend for pestering me into it…)

Nominations for your November 2013 Member of the Month can of course be sent to bvhchairperson.

4 Replies to “Member of the Month Updates”

  1. In fairness you should nominate someone you’ve never heard of… though I would like to win a LEAVE ME ALONE t-shirt… which I could wear with some irony… as I don’t really need one… ha very ha.

  2. I like the “YOUR FACE HERE” addition, can anybody win this?… perhaps a chance for someone who has not distinguished or disgraced themselves particularly… and basically, like to keep there head down, and just go for a run.

    Can I suggest MUGSHOT OF THE MONTH as an alternative title for this award… I can see the members going out of their way not to be noticed, to win this prize… Though in keeping with their natural modesty, their faces could be pixelated… and their names could be changed

    I would happily supply the first winner, with an exclusive LEAVE ME ALONE t-shirt.

    So as you were, Mr/MsX, this one’s for you… or someone else.

  3. Chris, I have to take my friends where I can, imaginary or otherwise… though I don’t know what you mean, in this instance.