Reflective Bibs for night runs

The evenings are closing in and so our club runs are now taking place in darkness. If you haven’t already got yourself some reflective running gear then we have some Bournville Harriers reflective bibs for sale.

They cost £10 and are available from Rachel Partridge on club nights.

Staying safe on night runs is one of the issues covered in our Safer Running Guide

One Reply to “Reflective Bibs for night runs”

  1. Reflective bibs, why not?… it might be new age hocus pocus to some … but I say, why not give it the old broad church treatment. Personally I’ve got a rotten memory, and what I do remember, I give little thought to ( being slightly on the shallow side). So any aid to giving one’s self a long hard look has got to be a good thing.

    If I can suggest incorporating a drip tray to catch stray soup likely to be spilled when one is away with the fairies on a jog, and somewhere to keep the croutons.

    Finally as I’m a bit of an amateur goth, does it come in black?