Safer Running Guide

Bournville Harriers have produced a Safer Running Guide. It highlights the importance of members taking personal responsibility for their own safety when running.

The guide can be downloaded here (PDF link)

All members are also requested to carry emergency contact details in an accessible format, as well as details of any medical conditions during official club runs and sessions and are recommended to do so for runs outside of club.

Further details can be found here (Word doc)

You may also wish to look at the information on the Runner’s World website about staying safe when running in winter.

One Reply to “Safer Running Guide”

  1. I have been running competitively `off and on` for over 50 years.There are few activities in life without some potential hazard.Indeed there are some people who are almost afraid to get out of their beds in the morning for fear of becoming involved in some sort of accident! Be that as it may,although one can`t legislate for `common sense`,I do strongly commend the BvH Safer Running Guide,and would want to thank the author(s) for their endeavours.
    `We` (The Royal We) have to take personal responsibility for our own safety when running;but there is still an issue of collective responsibility as well.
    Barrie Roberts M `N`
    Cert Ed (Physical Education)
    University of Wales