John Enright Memorial parkrun – 5th May 2018

The 4th annual ‘mob-match’ and Bake Off between Bournville Harriers and Kings Heath Running Club will be held at Cannon Hill parkrun to remember our very good friend, and member of BvH, John Enright. We will also remember fellow parkrunner and Cannon Hill Crusader, Darren Hale who sadly passed away in 2016.

The event will raise money for the British Heart Foundation and is also part of the Teal Targets Series. To take part please ensure that you are registered for parkrun and your profile is updated to show Bournville Harriers as your running club.

MOBMATCH RULES John Enright parkrun

1. The John Enright parkrun is an annual parkrun mobmatch held between Kings Heath Running Club and Bournville Harriers.

2. Each person who appears on the Cannon Hill parkrun results on the day of the mobmatch as running for Bournville Harriers or Kings Heath Running Club will score for their club.

3. Each person’s score equals the total number of runners on the day, minus that person’s overall finishing position.
For example – There are 1000 runners at Cannon Hill on the day of the mobmatch. J. Bloggs is registered with Bournville Harriers, and finished in 100th position. J. will score 1000-100 = 900 points for Bournville.

4. The club’s score is the sum total of all scores from people scoring for them. The highest score wins the mobmatch.

5. To ensure the event has the necessary volunteer support, each team will provide an agreed minimum number of volunteers for the mobmatch. For the 2018 match, this is a minimum of 6 volunteers from each club.
These volunteers do not have to be club members, or registered with parkrun as affiliated to the competing clubs – they just have to agree to participate in the club’s volunteering contingent.

Mike Green will process the mobmatch results from the parkrun results announced on the Cannon Hill parkrun website.

Each club will be offering cakes on the bandstand, and asking for donations in return.
All donations for cakes and other donations received on the day will go to the British Heart Foundation.