Yacht or Not ? Handicap Race

After Dave’s fabulous Park life Virtual Event, we bring you the Yacht or Not Handicap Race. Which will take place at 9am from Rowheath Park on Sunday 11th April. You can run solo or as part of a pair in a team. Dressing up isn’t compulsory, but it is encouraged🤩. The more outrageous and imaginative the better😜 who knows there may even be a chocolate bunny,or santa from last years batch in it for you 😋😋. If you want to take part please sign up using the link below. Capacity is limited due to covid restrictions on numbers so get in quick to avoid disappointment. We will however, as always try to accommodate our members so people don’t feel like they are missing out. So get yourselves signed up, teamed up and thinking about that costume you are going to wow and hopefully be able to run in.