Tokens for free Bupa Great Birmingham Run (B’ham Half Marathon) places sent out

If you won a free Birmingham Half Marathon place in our drawing at the AGM, you should have received an email in the last few minutes with an electronic “token” and a link you’ll need to use to redeem it.

If you haven’t received an email and think you should have, please get in touch with Chris AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (please use rather than my Yahoo! account, as that one’s had some problems). It could be that you haven’t renewed your membership yet (the shame…) or it could be that I have the wrong email address for you.

Also, if you receive an email about this and you don’t want your place, please either forward the token back to Chris ( or to another club member of your choosing. These are club places, so please don’t give one of our tokens away to a non-BvH friend. (Just get them to join instead!)

3 Replies to “Tokens for free Bupa Great Birmingham Run (B’ham Half Marathon) places sent out”

  1. Thanks, Chris, I sensed a lot of people where thinking the question,

    They don’t call me Madam Lazonga, for nothing

  2. AGM was before the end of last financial year, so people who were paid-up members last year could attend and vote.

  3. If you hadn’t paid your membership by the time of the AGM, you shouldn’t have been entered into the draw, surely ?