The Monty 5k

From Barrie Roberts: The Monty 5k Race which took place on Wednesday Evening 29th June,2016, was hosted by Leamington C&AC as part of the Warwickshire Road Race League. The Course was described as being `fast and flat.`

Due to heavy rain showers prior to the event,part of the Course was flooded, and there was an abundance of mud and puddles. There was quite a good `turn-out` (258 completed the distance) considering the weather, and the fact that one had to circumnavigate the rush hour traffic to get to the venue. The Course was multi-terrain ie. started and finished on a slippery/slimmy all weather track, had grass sections,uneven ground (which was marked), a couple of down-sloping ramps, 2x laps loop adjacent to River Leam and a sharp right hand turn under a bridge.

The Start and earlier part of the Race was quite congested.Indeed if one had the time prior to the Start, it would have been advantagious to have had a run around the Course prior to the actual Race. Well marshalled for the most part, but could have been better in the vicinity of the flooded area and the sharp change of direction under the bridge!
There was almost a puddle of teal at the Start;namely,Adrian Fowler and Barrie Roberts.The provisional Results show the following times for the BvHers :-
66th               19:28                   Adrian Fowler               M45
227th             25:23                   Barrie Roberts              M65

2 Replies to “The Monty 5k”

  1. I,like you Adrian,enjoyed the Race.Leamington C&AC were hospitable and welcoming,and much hard work was done by some of their members to enable the event to take place.I appreciated the post-Race showers and the hot drinks and cakes. You did well to run under 20mins considering the prevalent conditions.

  2. Barrie agree the course being described as fast and flat could be taken with a pinch and some marshalling was thin in places but still an enjoyable run.