12 Replies to “Physiotherapy and Sports Massage”

  1. hi tommy,
    sorry for delay, been on holiday, yes we do do home visits….. please call our administrator on 0121 6873079 and we can arrange for you. Sorry you are struggling so much (or can email on sarah@physioart.co.uk if you want to discuss any more..

  2. Hi Sarah – does your physiotherapy treatment extend to home visits, i.e for people struggling to drive with chronic back and sciatica issues?

  3. What are the rates for full colour advertising on this site?….. I have a van load of bare foot, SHOCK-O-THERAPY ™ carpet offcuts, in natural wool style polypropene, I was thinking 99p a square yard,

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  4. We don’t have this in our area. This is very interesting. I hope we can visit soon. I have some athlete patients who are in need of these sports and physiotherapy treatments.

  5. hahaha, good on you Paul!! Pleased to hear you still have attitude 🙂 Thank you so much for good feeback, means everything to us

  6. Sarah – I may have used some poetic licence with your exact words here – but the fact remains that you were spot on with your assessment / diagnosis; the exercises really have helped; you put me in touch with the podiatrist – so the reduction in pain and discomfort is all down to you and you have my sincere thanks for that. I would not hesitate to recommend you so I really hope my misrepresentation hasn’t done any reputational damage.
    Now as to my running…….well I’m still walking with attitude…….

  7. Thanks Leigh, glad to hear you are happily back running!

    Paul, did those words really come out of my mouth…….??! I feel misrepresented here!! Glad you got on well with Clive – look forward to hearing how your running’s going….

  8. Just a quick note in praise of Sarah and PhysioArt. During the beginners’ course I was suffering acute knee pain (yeah – I know – excuses, excuses!). Sarah was not only able to identify the cause (“You’re knock-kneed, flat footed and fat! What do you expect?”) but gave me an exercise regime to help develop knee stability and referred me to a seriously good podiatrist (Clive Heron) who is developing some custom orthotic insoles for me.

  9. I can second Barry’s praises, Sarah and her team are all brilliant and have helped me get back to running after knee surgery.

  10. Thank you Barry!! We do indeed do sports massage, as part of physio treatment normally, but can do a pure sports massage if required 🙂

    Sarah physio

  11. I’m not sure they do massage, but I can vouch for their service. I’ve been seeing Sarah since she ran the practice from a spare room in her house. The best physio I’ve been to – in fact I’ve just booked an appt for tomorrow – dodgy hamstring, I think.